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AdsMangerPro Services range from Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to Search Engines like Google, and Bing. We assign your project a personal IT Professional, who will handle your advertising needs, and also trouble shoot any problems they may arise. We offer a variety of custom packages, which are all based on a campaign duration of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, up to 365 days.   We also offer a subscription based service which helps build slowly.  

AdsManagerPro will submit your links to the top search engines. We offer Artists Vevo channel if they have music video ready. We can encode the video, metatag, and isrc the song for stream revenue.

Youtube and Vevo videos can use our video promotion to drive safe Organic views to the video link, which will result in many video likes, subscribers and comments.

AMP can take your Twitter account to a whole new level, by building targeted followers that will be interested in your account.  We help with building engagement for your Twitter account, and Facebook with Facebook Likes.  Having lots of followers will result in more traffic, clicks, and downloads.

AMP offers search engine optimization (SEO) for our clients who would like their brand to be found on search engines a lot easier. After a couple of months of campaigning your webpage would show up on lots of website mentions. AdsManagerPro will promote your brand to our large network of over 1 million followers. To help you build real time engagement, AMP has several real active accounts. AMP will use these accounts to retweet you to a larger fanbase. If you have any question please email us at


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