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What is AdsManagerPro?

AdsManagerPro also known as AMP is a Social Media Agency online, that focuses on building organic followers, online presence and traffic to social media platforms for Brands, Businesses, Apps, Startups, and Artists.

What is Organic Followers?

Organic followers are the real followers, that engage with your page. 

Do you sell fake Followers?

No we do not offer "Fake Followers" because they don't help your career at a lot. All of our followers and services are 100% real and no fakes. 

Do you Drive Traffic to websites?

Yes we do we setup your search keywords, and people searching your keywords will find your website and navigate to it through search keyword.

How do you know this is working?

We set you up with so you'll be able to measure the growth online in 90 days.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on the needs of the campaign, but typically campaigns start at $500
Will Followers unfollow?

Followers are real people they are allowed to unfollow you, but they will not disappear from being deleted due to them being unreal. Most of the time you will not see a loss in followers.

How long is a typical Ads Campaign?

Are campaigns range from 30 days to 365 days.

What happens if I stop paying?

If you stop paying for your campaign, you will discontinue receiving real organic targeted followers/ traffic from us.

Can you get my business on 1st page on Google?

Yes we can get your business, brand on the first page after we have run your campaign for a few months, you will start to see results as such.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Turn around times are usually between 4hours from deposit to three days depending on the research, and how detailed our targeting will have to be while setting up campaign.

What if I have more then one social media account needing promotion?

If you have more then one social media account we can manage that one as well, but the price will only include one account at a time. 

How do I pay for the services?

We accept Paypal and Major credit cards, soon on our website.

Can I do a payment plan?

We do have subscription options, as well as promotional discounts we run to our members on mailing list. 

How do I join your mailing list?

Navigate to the Contact page and you can enter your information.

What all social media sites do AdsManagerPro Promote?

We promote Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Vine, Vevo, and more.
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