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How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for More Views

YouTube is a great way to get your content out there and make money at the same time. However, only the best YouTube accounts get millions of views. That doesn’t mean they have the best content, but that they’ve optimized their videos the best. You can do it too with these top tips.

Think About the Metadata

You’ll be forgiven for not understanding the term “metadata.” In YouTube world, this is the title, description, and tags of any video. When you optimize the metadata, you boost the chances of people seeing it.

People will search for videos using keywords. If you have the right keywords in your metadata, YouTube will put your video at the top of searches. The higher up your video is, the more chance you have of people clicking.

Annotate in Other Videos

Annotations allow you to put notes in your other videos, giving people call to actions within them. When they pop up, people have the option to click and continue your tips or your story. This boosts the chance of them seeing a later video on a subject or going back to the first video in a series.
Make use of them, making sure they clearly state what you want your viewer to do. Link to other videos on your channel to make the most of them.

Check Out How People Search

YouTube allows you to look at the top keyword phrases and how people are currently searching in your niche. This will change regularly. Keep looking at the way people search, so you use the right keyword phrases in your metadata.

It’s time to optimize your videos for more views. YouTube offers everything you could need to get more eyes on your own channel, so take advantage of it all today.

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