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How to Get Thousands of Free Followers

Ever wonder how some of your friends have so many followers ? It's easy they just signed in on Twitter and started tweeting and next thing you know people saw there tweets and they built followers right, No.
Obviously there's a science to it but what's the strategy? Let's say you start a new account and you have no friends how do you go about making friends online?
Here's a #AMPTips start following people who you are interested in. You like basketball, movies, certain books, TV shows, clothing lines, music then follow these accounts. But wait thats not it just following these accounts will put you in the network of these accounts but to really get people to notice you, you must follow there followers.
On Twitter you can only follow 1000 per day and if you follow too fast you'll get your account locked or worse suspended. So go slow to grow slow. On average you'll get 100-500 followers per day from the accounts followers you follow. This is also called massing which means to mass follow large numbers of users. Twitter shuns upon this technique since it prevents them from making money off growth. But to save money you can spend time following and use services like ManagerFlitter or Apps like JustUnfollow to unfollowed the users that don't follow back.
Doing this daily will result in more followers that are active and interested in what you are interested in.
See you at the top.
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