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New BingAds by AdsManagerPro

Today we Retweeted a tweet from @BingAds which talked about setting up agencies for advertising. The day became so bright when I saw @BingAds favorite our Retweet. We replied Thank you, abd they said "Let us know if you need any help with our Ads program." Completely excited, although in the past we have offered advertising thru the competitors, Microsoft Bing has launched its new updated Ads Platform for agencies. We couldn't wait to hurry up and sign up as a agency for Bing.
Now AdsManagerPro™ will offer ads campaigns to get Brands, Small Businesses, and Startups on the front page searchable on Bing search engine.
We also offer services for Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, but adding Bing to our services list is a plus to help bring higher rank for websites and social media based clients.

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